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> We make websites
Thank you for coming to have a look at our website. Please have a look around and if you need a website you can order now or go have a look at our designs and get a better idea of what you would like it to look like. There are many to choose from and we can design from scratch if called for. We take oders by email and you make enquiries the same way. You can contact us for more information or any questions you might have.

> Cookie Free.
Cookie FreeWebsites 360 was founded with the belief that we can and will make websites that don't chase users away with hidden agreements and forced advertising. This has led to the COOKIE FREE movement. All the sites we have developed are "cookie free". Meaning that there are no cookies imbedded in the sites.

As our mascot on the right so aptly points out, cookies leave crumbs and if you know of anyone that has had their Facebook hacked, it was done using the cookies on your computer or phone. So for this reason we decided to get rid of any cookies on our sites and thus protect ourselves from scammers by making your details imposable to find because we never ask for them.

The internet was founded on the idea of public domain and we have retained the tradition on which it was created.

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